Saturday, January 12, 2008

Intelligent people do change their minds

Read the exchange on the topic "Pit Bull Owners Are Idiots" between Ingelbert Lievaart II, a photojournalist from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and me:

The discussion, which I started by writing a nasty and uncivil comment, ended with Ing telling me in a private email that:

"Thanks for posting your comments. Both of them. Thanks for the "better" title, I have changed it. I was not insulted or hurt by your first comment.

The title was meant as a hook to get some discussion going in case I was to do a story on it. Your argument really brings more truth in to the matter but the paper I worked for closed it's doors and I've quit writing and just photograph now mostly.

I also checked out your website. Interesting stuff indeed. I'm so glad you posted a comment!

As far as my blog, I was surprised anyone ever read it. I think yours is the only comment ever posted and I really liked everything you said. If I ever get an editor who wants me to do the story I'll definitely ask for your help if that's okay. "

So, it was worth the effort to comment on his blog. I may have even made a friend in the process.

So, educate the uninitiated, one a time.

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