Thursday, January 10, 2008

Creep gets 102 years in prison for fighting pit bulls

From my neck of the woods (Alabama):

"A jury convicted 43-year-old Johnny Ray Lewis of Cottonwood in September on 17 felony counts of possessing dogs with the intent to train them for fighting. In November, Circuit Court Judge Ed Jackson sentenced Lewis to serve 102 years in prison, at six years for each of the felony convictions....." read on:

Unfortunately, it also brings up the ripples the "easing up" on Vick's sentence could produce, when invoked as "precedence" by unscrupulous defense attorneys.

The part about 39 dogs being euthanized, breaks my heart, but I'd rather see them at peace than tortured.

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Andrew said...

A Crep is a combination of "creep' and "crap," or a typo. Pick your choice.