Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Jay Leno Show is not so funny

Switching channels between shows, while working on a Website, I happened to surf through The Jay Leno Show. I am not sure what I expected, since I quit watching the Tonight Show long time ago. I thought that maybe freed from the TS format, he may bring something fresh to television, or, God forbid, even something insightful. It just shows you how delusional I can be sometimes. The stand-up "comedian" Tom Somebody-Or-Other (I instantly blocked his name) was trying to be funny with verbal jabs about his friend who wanted a Pit Bull for a family pet. He thought it was funny to say that his friend is an idiot because the Pit Bull is going to eat his children and, then, compared having a Pit Bull as a pet to having a python snake, since, according to him, all they both want is kill you.

Nice public service, Mr. Leno. Also, thanks, Mr. Leno, your "guest" just made my choice to NOT ever watch your show a cinch.

It's one thing to appear to be a moron. It's a totally different deal to open your mouth and prove it.

If anybody has ever found a more gratifying family pet than an American Pit Bull Terrier I am yet to hear about it.

"I think Pit Bulls get a bad rap.
They are affectionate, smart, loyal, keep you safe.
Treat them right. Don't lie to them

- Agent Gibbs in "NCIS," Season 6, Episode 18, March 17, 2009.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

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