Sunday, September 4, 2011

The REAL American Pit Bull Terrier?

I have been having an interesting, albeit unproductive, discussion with a blog reader. My opponent is, quite obviously, intelligent, rational, literate, cogent, and capable of doing research to support his/her perspective. Yet, we are so apart in our respective stances regarding Pit Bulls that we will never be able to agree on any essential point.

How is this possible?

It occurred to me that we may be talking about two different dogs. I am talking about the real American Pit Bull Terrier. The one that averages 50 lbs in weight and looks like this:

I think he must be talking about these “monsters” that are bastartizations of  the breed and most of the rescue people I work with and owners of Pit Bulls I know would consider an affront to the subspecies Canis lupus familiaris and the Homo sapiens species alike.

I will make sure that my new rescues are sweet, people and animal friendly, properly training, and always supervised and under my control.