Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hollywood hypocrites or just morons?

List of Hollywood Hypocrites

The following Hollywood celebrities have all supported PETA, a group which is opposed to all animal research. At the same time they have directly benefited from or supported important charities whose work relies on the very research PETA opposes:

Gillian Anderson: Her brother suffers from Neurofibromatosis and she is Honorary Spokesperson Neurofibromatosis Association (U.K.). Gillian has also lobbied Congress for more research funding and education.

Pamela Anderson: Pamela has done charity work for Liver disease includes American Liver Foundation—Grand Marshal (10/27/02), S.O.S. ride aimed at combating hepatitis C, Canadian Liver Foundation—involved in ABC’s of Liver Disease: A National Conference on Viral Hepatitis

Christina Applegate: Christina has done charity work for Breast Cancer, including Lee National Denim Day—2003 Spokesperson (promotes breast cancer research, education, screening, and treatment with Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation)

Rosanna Arquette: Rosanna has supported numerous causes including AIDS - Attended 2001 amFAR gala; Breast Cancer - Quilts of Inspiration—submitted quilt block for massive Komen Foundation quilt fundraiser

Bea Arthur: Bea is a supporter of AIDS charities through multiple galas/fundraisers, etc.

Alec Baldwin: Alec supports a number of charities for AIDS - More information; His mother is a survivor of Breast Cancer and Alec is Executive Vice President of Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund; He also attended gala for Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation to support Spinal Cord Injury charity work.

Jillian Barberie: Jillian supports AIDS research and care, attending “Karaoke Revolution” fundraiser for Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation; For the City of Hope was the Moderator, The Real Deal: A Celebration of Your Favorite Out & Proud Reality Show Stars (12/11/03)

Kim Basinger: Kim is a supporter of a number of AIDS chairities

Marc Bouwer: Marc designed a gown for a doll that would be sold to support breast cancer research

Rebecca DeMornay: Rebecca attended Carousel of Hope fundraiser for Pediatric Diabetes

Kevin Eubanks: Kevin volunteers to fight Pediatric Diseases and Disorders at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles with weekly visits with hospitalized pediatric cancer patients; He also spoke at fundraiser benefiting Neil Bogart Memorial Fund, devoted to hands-on research for the treatment and cure of children with cancer, leukemia, and AIDS

Edie Falco: Edie is a breast cancer patient and has benfited from the research PeTA opposes. She also participated in “Curtain Call for Carolers” fundraiser Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDSin 2004 (a service organization for AIDS patients)

Carrie Fisher: As a bipolar disporder patient, Carrie has benfited from research opposed by PeTA. She has also supported charities fightin AIDS as an attendee at the Art for AIDS Charity Auction and fighting Pediatric Diabetes attending the Carousel of Hope Gala.

Joan Jett: Joan supported T.J. Martell and Libby Ross Foundations by covering the Beatles’ “The Word” to support awareness of Breast Cancer research.

Shirley Jones: Shirley contributed to charity auction for Discovery Fund for Eye Research

David LaChapelle: David contributed artwork to Village Care of New York’s Network of AIDS Services “Who Do You Love? Art Exhibit and Sale” and charity auction for Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. He was also was part of the Got Milk! campaign which contradicts his support for PeTA on so many other levels.

Bill Maher: Bill supports AIDS, Cystic Fibrosis & Cancer charities. He also attended “Rock & Soul to Erase MS” party;

Cindy Margolis: Cindy conceived her child using In Vitro Fertilization, and is a major advocate for RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association

Paul McCartney: McCartney has been criticized by British scientists for his support of organizations which animal research

Rue McClanahan: As a breast cancer survivor and advocate, Rue has benefited from research which PeTA opposes.

John McEnroe: The John McEnroe Foundation has donated to Lenox Hill Hospital, Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Olivia Newton-John: Olivia has founded Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre (research & treatment) in Melbourne, Australia

Carlos Ponce: Carlos participated in Hope & Harmony Golf and Tennis Classic for Diabetes Research Institute

Dennis Rodman: Dennis participated in the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain to benefit Multiple Sclerosis research

Charlize Theron: Charlize supports Project Angelfood and AIDS charities in her native South Africa
So, dudes & dudettes - make up your collective minds! You can either have research or PETA. Not both. Or are you just hedging your bets?


Katie said...

It really makes you wonder, doesn't it? Maybe they just don't pay any attention at all to what PETA stands for? I have no idea. It's ridiculous.

Amie said...

The one that gets me is Alicia Silverstone - huge PETA supporter, pit bull owner.

I can see the folks that say "cure this, but don't test on animals" - I get that.

But doing promotion for people that want to walk into your house and kill your dog?