Monday, October 5, 2009

Jay Leno. AGAIN

Last Wednesday (Oct. 1, 2009), The Jay Leno Show, for the second time in a month, managed to “make fun” of Pitbulls. A much maligned and completely misrepresented breed of dog that is being killed at a rate of 1,200,000 per year, is, according to The Jay Leno Show is a fair target for so-called humor. There a millions of owners who have been deeply offended. I understand that Jay Leno had no control over what the stand-up “comedian” said a few weeks ago, but he definitely did bring up the topic with Chris Rock, who proceeded to show his utter ignorance.

I would think that abusing and killing animals are not good subjects for humor in anybody’s book. I think that NBC and Mister Leno will find that this “episode” will be VERY costly to them. The episode in question can be viewed here:

Chris Rock, blithely asks “What did Vick do?” “A dog? A Pitbull is not even a dog.” Nice going, Chris Rock. Thanks for making it easy for me to cross you off the list of comedians to watch.

What did Vick do? Really?

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