Friday, October 16, 2009


My latest discovery is an organization named Art Helping Animals.” Their motto is “Helping animals in need- one brush stroke at a time.” Brilliant artists create art for helping animals by donating a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of their artwork to various non-profit animal rescue organizations.

They state:

We are a strong fellowship of professional artists who have come together from different areas of the world with one purpose in mind, to help homeless animals through the efforts of our individual creativity. We are a working entity. We have taken on the challenge of painting and creating for a variety of non-profit rescues. We create art in support of homeless animals in their care A percentage of our sales, as determined by the individual artist, is donated to 501(c)3 rescue toward the care of animals in need.

TOTAL RAISED as of June 2009 updated semi-annually: $64,424.40!

I cannot think of a more worthwhile cause to support.

The painting you see above is, of course, of Sándor – my Pitbull. Don’t you love those luminous lemon eyes? To the rihgt I am posting the original photograph that was used by the artist, SM Violano, as her inspiration.

As you may imagine I am delighted to have my faithful, loving, and beautiful companion immortalized.

The painting was created on behalf of Bama Bully Rescue, the Alabama Pitbull organization that I support anyway I can.l

If you like stuff like this, do yourself a favor and visit Art Helping Animals (click on the name) and also Ms. Violano’s Studio site.

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