Monday, July 28, 2014

Breed is a Red Herring


When It Comes To Identifying Dangerous Dogs, 'Breed Is A Red Herring'

Arin Greenwood joins HuffPost Live to explain why breed has very little to do with whether a dog with be aggressive. 

Hosted by: Caitlyn Becker
Arin Greenwood @arin_twit (Washington, DC) HuffPost Animal Welfare Editor
Brian Garton @PibblesnMore (New York) Adopted a Pit Bull; Volunteer, Pibbles & More Animal Rescue
Rebecca Corry @TheRebeccaCorry (Los Angeles, CA) President, Stand Up For Pits Foundation
Leah Brewer @HeroDogElle (Roanoke Rapids, NC) Owner, Elle the Pit Bull

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