Friday, October 1, 2010

I say let's ban cars!

In tonight's "Outlaw" the issue was a child who died after having been forgotten in a car. This prompted me to look up some statistics. According to Kids and Cars, a Kansas-based organization, in 2010, a record number of children - 48 - have died of hyperthermia after being left or trapped in a hot car or truck. My heart breaks at the thought of what those parents must be experiencing.

According to the worthless Merritt Clifton "report," the most often cited b.s. source by self-serving entities, such as lawyers and politicians who clearly have an ax to grind, an average of 17 deaths a year are attributable to dog bites. Let's suppose that the shysters (comes from the German term scheisser, meaning “one who defecates”) who try frighten us into suing somebody (actually ANYBODY), are correct and that "the number of fatal dog attacks in the USA has been going up."

Since the response of politicians, the media, and some ill-educate mindless organizations to dog fatalities is to advocate the ban and the murder a million dogs a year, it follows that we should ban cars and/or kill car manufacturers.

Sounds logical to me.

P.S. I am curious... how come no car manufacturer has come up with a gizmo that would ding your head off if you locked and left your kid in the car? Did you know there is no law that says you can't leave your child in the car unattended? You get it? No law, no responsibility. See, we have to legislate common sense.


Bama Griz said...

Stop using logic. Logic has nothing to do it! It's how we "feel" that matters.

Andrew said...

Don't I know it! I was being ridiculously tongue-in-cheek to make a point.