Tuesday, August 11, 2009

'Not... If, But When' Vick Will Be Signed

Today we read in the The Washington Post that, Joel Segal, Michael Vick's agent, said during a radio interview Tuesday there's no longer any doubt that the recently reinstated quarterback will be signed by an NFL team. "I'm very optimistic," Segal said on Washington's ESPN 980 during a visit to the Redskins' training camp. "It's not a matter of if, but when. And Mike's excited with the opportunity that the commissioner has given him. He's ready to go help a club win."

I love football, but football is nothing but entertainment, when it's played at the professional level. Those who will pay their hard-earned dollars to be entertained by a person whom I consider owning a deep character flaw are, in my book, lacking good judgment.

What's-her-name's (the actress/comedienne) statement that dog fighting was "indicative to certain parts of the country,'' was explained away by the liberal media as being quoted out of context and that it was not an excuse for the behavior of a self-indicted criminal. Puleeeze... that's backpedaling of the most transparent kind.

When it's all said and done what remains in my mind are the pictures of these dogs, not Vick throwing for a touch-down.

I will consider a further lowering of this Nation's morals standards, if the men and women who watch football don't vote with their pockets not to iconize a cruel, greedy, and unethical so-called sports figure. Muscles and skills in football we can grow everyday.... moral backbone, not-so easily. I hope that whatever team hires this moron loses a lot of money.

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