Monday, March 10, 2008

"I am terrified of 'pit buls.'"

So, I am parked in front of my optometrist today. Left the windows 3/4 down with Sandor in a backseat harness. When I come out of the office, 10-mins later, 50ish lady sez, "What a beautiful dog! Look at those eyes. Can I pet him." I said, "Sure. He loves to be petted." So she sticks her arm through the window and pets Sandor who promptly licks her hand, grins, and wags his rump off. She, then arks,"What kind is it?" I say, "An American Pit Bull Terrier." She yanks her hand out of the car as if burned, and says "I am terrified of 'pit bulls.'" I say, "Apparently not, you just petted one."

Which, of course, ended up in a discussion with both of us agreeing that it's not the dog's breed that makes a difference, but the owner.

Mark a brownie for bullies, today. ;-D

We also went to Caldwell Park in the South Highland (Birmingham) area. Guy with two bullies all over the place. Him screaming their names, them ignoring him. They run up to Sandor. Sandor sits like statue, until I say, "OK...make friends," which, of course, creates a lot of happy frolicking, until I say, "Out," make the hand signal "Come," and Sandor promptly runs up to me and sits next to me. Guy says "How did you do that?" I say, "It's called obedience training" and introduce him to Aaron McDonald, our trainer, who was there to teach me agility training using benches and low walls.

Mark brownie two for bullies and one for obedience training.

Then we went to the vet to check the stitches (which are gone) 10-days after neutering. The staff fawns all over Sandor because is so well-behaved and sits calmly in the middle of the waiting room, with a lady's Schnauzer going nuts. She asks, "What kind of dog is that?".... well, you know the rest of the story...

Brownie three.

As a reward, we go to PSP, tie Sandor's leash to the shopping cart and he pulls the cart following me, while I get him $61-worth of chew toys, hide twists, and treats to hide inside doggie puzzles. Staff is howling with laughter when they see us and everyone wants to pet the "cute little cart puller." They didn't have to ask the breed... they know him, by now.

Brownie 4, anyway.

I guess we just started Ambassadorship 201.

Love Mondays, when our clinic is closed and we go carousing and we both end up with huge grins on our faces. Of course, Sandor grins all the time anyway.

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